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How has social media changed in 2022? What you need to know to improve your digital marketing.

Social media management has changed rapidly in recent years, becoming increasingly complex. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital world has grown in an unprecedented way, this has made companies and entrepreneurs of all kinds direct more efforts to social media marketing.

In this industry it is very important to stay ahead, so in this article we will tell you what the most important changes and trends have been in the most popular social networks, so you can take advantage of all the digital tools that are within your reach!

How has social media changed in 2022?

Social networks have undergone important changes this 2022, the algorithms have changed and are becoming more dynamic and complex. But don't worry, this can be an advantage for you and your company, if you know how to use it.

Here we tell you the main changes that the most popular social networks have had this 2022

Meta better known as Facebook

Facebook was for many years the most significant social network, its development and stability in terms of social media is unprecedented, and it seems that now that it has lost much of its younger audience, it is revolutionizing again to try to return to the forefront of social media.

Facebook changed its name to Meta to go in the direction of the world of the Metaverse, which will undoubtedly revolutionize social media management and marketing, among other things, but there are still a few years to see this transformation.

However, since 2022, FB is seeking to attract younger users without losing the star users of this moment (45 years or older), so it will implement some new features such as:

  • Improvement in the design of the website and mobile application

  • More efficient advertising with Facebook Business Suite

  • Live Audio Rooms evolved.

  • Payment functions through Messenger with links and QR codes.


Instagram has confirmed that in 2022 it will surprise us with new features and updates, the application is preparing so that users can make purchases directly on the platform and thus achieve a complete customer journey within it.

The other significant change in IG is the video-oriented strategy that the platform is implementing to face TikTok, so now IG allows Stories of up to 60 seconds. REELS will also continue to be promoted as has been done since 2021


Twitter is looking for a closer and more interactive experience between users. Its newest update is capturing 'live' audio clips.

Space live conversations, Twitter spaces to have audio conversations in real time, were implemented on the platform since last year, this year twitter intends to enhance them by allowing users to share up to 30 seconds of audio of live conversations on your profile.

The most important thing to keep in mind for this 2022 is the evolution of social network algorithms, so you must adapt to the specific needs of your target audience and guide your strategy towards it. Focusing your efforts on the social networks or platforms where your audience spends the most time online is a great first step.

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