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More than 95% of entrepreneurs that implement our system have seen more than 10X growth in their businesses.

What exactly is the SCORE SYSTEM ?

The SCORE SYSTEM is a proven method created to enhance a digital business transformation. It covers five key areas: Systematic Digital Foundation, Client-Centric Engagement, Optimization & Automation, Revenue Expansion, and Enduring Presence & PR. It's designed to guide businesses from establishing a solid digital foundation to optimizing processes and expanding revenue.



Entrepreneurs that are already successful professionals but struggle with content and social media

With SCORE's systematic digital foundation and client-centric approach, we guide you in crafting compelling content tailored to your target audience, ensuring your social media presence resonates, engages and converts . All we ask is that you commit to 1 hour a week, and we will give you a month worth of content.


Professionals that are tired of throwing their money away and want a system that allows them to track and measure their result while being able to see a return on investment.

SCORE's optimized and revenue-driven strategies ensure that every marketing effort is aligned with your business goals, maximizing ROI and driving sustainable growth


Business owners looking to streamline content creation and lead acquisition.

Through SCORE's integrated engagement and automation, we simplify and enhance your content creation process while implementing efficient systems to attract and nurture leads.


Strong Digital Presence

More Ideal Clients

Customized System for your Business

Don't worry about what to Post ANYMORE

Is just a matter of implementing this system:

Numbers don’t Lie


Rolando Nunez /@njcreditrepair

Niche: Credit and personal finance

By implementing SCORE, we were able to build Rolando’s personal and business brands both simultaneously. Starting from 0 to over 500k followers cumulative. Not only that, but he has become a recognize public figure in his industry and scale his business to over $1 Million in revenue. Additionally, he has diversified by launching other businesses

The Process:

Rolando, started out to build his personal brand, Mr. Credit NJ, within the first 6 months of working together he had started to grow his followers and increase leads. Everything changed when he decided to follow our guidance and strategy on TikTok, his business exploded and her 3x his daily consultations. To this day, hi has multiple six figure businesses, all being fulled by the same social media and content systems we built, SCORE has worked so well for his business that he has been with us for over 4 years now, making constant changes to the strategy and always staying top of his industry

And we have achieved all this without spending $1 in paid advertizing!

With SCORE, we were able to take Michele’s social media channels from 300 to over 20,000 followers across platforms in a period of 4 months

When Michele started working with us, she had a few followers on Instagram, had started a TikTok but only had 2 videos there, her Facebook was stuck and even though she was advertising there was no growth at all. She knew she wanted to take social media serious, but did not know where to start and thought the investment was not worth it based on her personally projected ROI.

The Process:

When we started working with Michele, the first thing we did was determine the needs of her audience. We developed a style of content creation that works for her, which is not following scripts, started posting consistently 1 video a day across platforms. Later on, we develop a lead magnet to help her grow her database in the Hispanic market, and we are currently finished the launch of her academy. We developed her course curriculum, film and edited her course videos, and created her course platform. Now, not only does she have more than 20,000 followers on social media, but she gets about 25–30 leads a week strictly from our marketing efforts. Her success has been so great that she is currently in the process of growing her team. We have achieved all of this with only 1 hour of her time a week.

Michele Darmanin


Niche: Mortgage Lender

Franciel Campusano


Niche: Real Estate

Franciel went from 0 to 11k followers on Tiktok within 30 days of working together, has closed multiple properties strictly from social media leads he has also acquire multiple properties to list through TikTok marketing, even in the crazy market that is NJ and NY at the moment. In a time that most industry experts are suffering, his business is thriving and as he says it himself“ all because of social media marketing”.

The Process:

Franciel came to us with a different goal than most, he was not interested in leads, he only wanted to create his online presence as a leader in the industry. At the beginning he struggles a bit with video creation since it was something he had never done, but with our SCORE methods he soon became not only comfortable but mastered the art of short form video. Now he has a thriving online presence, constantly bringing new leads and properties for listing. Why is his growing when a lot of professionals in his industry are suffering? - We found his unique proposition and position it in front of the right audience. And we are working on developing his first digital product, focused in helping real estate agents that are struggling in the industry.

In the first 3 months of working together, Fraciel made the equivalent of 2 years worth of his investment in our system.

More results

We believe so much in our system that if in 3 months of working together you don't see the results you expect, you can stop our services, AND WE GIFT YOU THE 12-MONTH STRATEGY AT NO EXTRA COST, so you can implement it by yourself or whoever else you choose to work with.

“Knowing is not enough, you must take action”

– Tony Robbins

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